check valves


Composite Swing Check


  • All Composite
  • Available in 2" to 6" Sizes
  • Extra Heavy Wall Filament Wound For Service Up To 150 PSI
  • 60 Mil Double Nexus Reinforced Corrosion Barrier


  • Epoxy Resin
  • Vinyl & Novolac Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Furan Resin

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PureFlex PTFE Lined Ball Check Valve

  • One Piece Massive Valve Body
  • Lightweight Rugged and Corrosion Resistant
  • Fiberglass or Carbon Graphite Reinforced
  • Ball & Seat Manufactured From Virgin PTFE

Ideally Suited For:

  • Corrosives
  • Demanding Applications
  • Many Flange Drilling Options Available

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Swing Check

Nil-Cor Swing Check Valve

  • Glass Fiber-Reinforced Vinyl Ester Resin Body
  • Glass Fiber-Reinforced Vinyl Ester Disc
  • PTFE or Viton® Seat Options

Ideally Suited For:

  • Acids
  • All Bleach Solutions
  • Salt Water and High Chlorides
  • Temperatures from 0 °F to 250 °F

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ChemTite® 45° Ball Check Valve

Hills McCanna 45 Ball Check Valve
Hills McCanna

  • Super Heavy Duty PFA Liners
  • Dovetail Locking Grooves for PFA Retention
  • Pressure Rating: Full Vacuum to 250 psi (17.23 bar)
  • Operating Temperature: (-)20 °F to (+)400 °F
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Allows for both Horizontal and Vertical Installation
  • Eliminates & Prevents Back-Flow of liquids in Pipelines, Pump Impeller Rotation in Opposite Direction, Siphoning of Pumps
  • Size Range: 1" to 6"

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Hills-McCanna® ChemTite® PFA Lined

Hills-McCanna ChemTite Ball Check Valve
Hills McCanna

  • Heavy Duty PFA Liner resists cracking
  • Dovetail Locking Grooves for PFA retention
  • UV Resistant Epoxy Coating

Ideally Suited For:

  • Acids, Caustics & Peroxides
  • All Bleach Solutions, Solvents & Phenols
  • All Organic and Inorgantic Chlorides & Sulfates
  • Temperatures from -20 °F to 400 °F
  • Full Vacuum to 250 PSIG

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